We are NOT “Hispanic”, “Latino” or “Indian”.

We transcend countries, tribes and eras.

We are a Brown race of ALL the Americas!


Mexican is not a race. It is a nationality.

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Culture and nationality are not race. This is why White can be Hispanic; Hispanic is not a race.

While good humored, this gentleman is confused. He doesn’t look White…he IS White (and Mexican). To look White is to be White.

White is a color. And when you are born with that color then what people see is a White person. Period. And that skin color is the primary basis upon which people judge your race. Other considerations, such as facial features and hair, are quite relevant but secondary.

Skin color is the most immediate and powerful force for evoking racial associations and dis-associations, and all the attendant privileges and oppressions.


Why were Indians called “redskins”?  Seer tradition remembers. The Frenchmen who landed in the St. Lawrence asked the Micmacs who they were. It was done in sign language. The Indians replied, “We are who we are—people.” The sign for this is similar to the one meaning “paint” (especially red paint). It is made by rubbing your fingers across the top of your left hand. The one sign shows “This is me.” The other sign imitates the mixing of paint. The Frenchmen didn’t understand. The question was repeated. The Indians repeated their answer, more insistently each time. The Frenchmen thought the Indians were saying they were “Redskins.” They reported that back to the King and those who had sent them. It got put in books. Later, they did not want to correct their mistake. And they never have corrected it.




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